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  1. Kiktilar

    Defunct German & UK hardcore / punk label. The label formed in February and closed its doors in December with 40 releases under its belt. Owned and operated by Dennis-P. Merklinghaus. Co Founded & Operated by Emre Aktas as the UK side of the label up until Beginnings of the label can be traced back to the HC & Punk.
  2. Zulkree

    Lack - Blues Moderne: Danois Explosifs Album Lyrics. The scathing sounds on Lack's Blues Moderne: Danois Explosifs are immediately startling, as the opening chords on "Zur Genealogie des Modernen Menschen" give way to Thomas' fiery vocals and the band's scorching musical attack.
  3. Gardajora

    Dawn Of Night: Days Of Fury: Red Cover: Stampin Ground: Dawn Of Night: Days Of Fury: Lack: Blues Moderne: Danois Explosifs: Splattered Vinyl: Light The Fuse And Run/transistor Transistor: Double Lp, Blue Vinyl: Nargaroth: Black Metal .
  4. Nikorisar

    Artist: Title: Year: Label: Condition: Price: Comments: Wanted: 7" Boris / Tomsk: Eyehategod / Anal Cunt: Hydra Head: Mastodon / High On Fire.
  5. Mezibar

    Sep 06,  · yeah! v/a - 'minus 27 and counting - a track unlabel compilation' (unlabel) eight quid in road, ya can't go wrong. 22 bands i've never heard of. some cool stuff. and some dross. lots of jaggedy misanthropic-sounding prolapse-style head-nod-almost-mosh material for some reason. which is.
  6. Dukazahn

    Metal bands have an uncanny knack of making their genre (or sub-genre) choice obvious from their name alone. I could have guessed that Oakland/Cali quintet Swamp Witch were a doom.
  7. Kazrajin

    Armageddon Shop is truly independent shop left dedicated to underground music open since September , especially one focusing on vinyl. We have a very serious focus on vinyl, be it LP.
  8. Ball

    stoej uses Record Nerd to catalog their favorite vinyl records, CDs, LPs, T-shirts, zines & more. Check out stoej's list now!

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